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Common Whitethroat (Sylvia communis)

The Whitethroat is a warbler I'm particularly fond of. It's a beautiful little bird with lots of character. Every year, I watch males sing, pairs of Whitethroats gathering insects for their young and, finally, the new generation emerge and being fed by their parents before they all leave for Africa. This always makes me feel if I was part of the family! I just love watching these little birds.
Please click on the thumbnails for a larger version of my favourite Whitethroat shots.

Male Whitethroat photo Whitethroat photo female common whitethroat
Male Whitethroat singing Peek-a-boo! Female Whitethroat
female whitethroat” height= juvenile common whitethroat male whitethroat
whitethroat on gorse female common whitethroat female whitethroat” height=
Whitethroat fledgeling juvenile whitethroats Juvenile Whitethroat photo
Fledgeling Juveniles Juvenile in autumn
male whitethroat picture female whitethroat Whitethroat with nesting material
Male in full song Female Whitethroat Male with nesting material
juvenile whitethroat UK Juvenile Whitethroat female whitethroat photo” height=
whitethroat with food for young Singing Male Whitethroat photo juvenile whitethroat picture
Common Whitethroat fledgeling common whitethroat UK male whitethroat” height=
Whitethroat juvenile whitethroat Whitethroat feeding chick=