bird photography Sandra Palme

Sand Martin (Riparia riparia)

I recently had the opportunity to watch 100+ sand martins feeding over water and taking insects back to the nesting site.
This was a wonderful experience. Sadly, these beautiful, agile little birds (the smallest hirundines in Europe) are an amber
list species so I felt very privileged to be able to get such fantastic views (and some lovely shots) of them. I'm hoping to go
back and see them again before they depart for Africa this autumn.
Here's a collection of my favourite Sand Martin shots. Please click on the thumbnails for a larger version.

juvenile sand martins photo Sand Martins Sand Martin
Sand Martin photo Riparia riparia sand martin bird Riparia riparia
Sand Martin image Sand Martin Sand Martin nesting site
sand martin close-up Sand Martin picture sand martins Riparia riparia
sand martin hirundine Sand Martin Riparia riparia sand martin bird
  sand martin hirundine bird