bird photography Sandra Palme

Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)

The majestic Osprey is always a very special bird and only seen on migration in the Southeast of England. So far, I have seen two birds: one flying over Pulborough Brooks in April 2011 and a female that chose Warnham LNR as one of
her temporary residences in Sussex in the autumn of 2012. When I got to watch this magnificent bird, it was pouring down
with rain but I did get a few record shots.

Osprey Osprey photo female osprey at Warnham LNR
Osprey flying over Pulborough Brooks What a great suprise! Warnham osprey
female osprey in flight at Warnham LNR osprey Warnham Pandion haliaetus osprey
Pandion haliaetus Fischadler osprey photo osprey Pandion haliaetus
osprey in flight photo osprey hovering osprey flying in the rain
Looking for fish Osprey hovering Osprey flying in the rain