bird photography Sandra Palme

Nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos)

 The Nightingale is a very special bird and I will never forget the moment when I first heard one in full song. Pure magic!
I have spent countless hours watching, listening to and photographing nightingales since which is something I do not take
for granted. It is always special. If I had to choose a 'favourite bird' - and I don't think it's possible, I love them all - but if I
had to, it would be the nightingale.
I have created several galleries that contain my favourite nightingale shots. Please click on the pictures below to enter the galleries you'd like to look at!

nightingale singing nightingale on fence
Singing Nightingales Nightingales on perches
nightingale on ground juvenile nightingale
Nightingales on the ground Young Nightingales
Nightingale Behaviour  Nightingales feeding/gathering food
Female Nightingales Wings and Plumage