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 Bird Photos by Sandra Palme

 Please click on the bird family names below to get to a detailed list of species within that family that I have photographed & their gallery pages. Some photos are 'record shots' of my first encounter with a certain species which will eventually be replaced with better photos - I hope so anyway! Alternatively, you can check out an
-> Alphabetical List of all the bird species.
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blue tit photos
male Dartford warbler
Male Firecrest photo
redwing bird
Tits Old World Warblers Crests Thrushes
spotted flycatcher Ashdown Forest Male Lesser Redpoll
male house sparrow snow bunting
Old World Flycatchers Finches Sparrows Buntings
spring dunnock sand martin
European nuthatch bird pied wagtail
Accentors & Wrens Hirundines Nuthatches & Treecreepers Wagtails & Pipits
male great spotted woodpecker Bohemian Waxwing
shore lark kingfisher
Woodpeckers & Wrynecks Waxwings Larks Kingfishers
starling stock dove shrikes cuckoos
Starlings  Pigeons & Doves  Shrikes Cuckoos
  jackdaw grebes photos  
  Corvids Grebes  
short-eared owl hobby Little Egret redshank
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Gulls Seabirds Pheasants & Partridges Swans
moorhen Canada Goose mallard hoopoe
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