bird photography Sandra Palme

Dunnock (Prunella modularis)

Personally, I don't really like the term 'LBJ' ('little brown job') that is often used for 'brown' birds like the Dunnock as it
seems to deny the fact that they are beautiful, with amber-coloured eyes, lovely markings and not at all dull. No two birds look the same.
They're fantastic looking little birds! I hope you will agree after you have had a close look at my photos. Male Dunnocks are also great songsters.
Please click on the thumbnails for a larger version of my favourite Dunnock shots.

spring dunnock” height= dunnock fledgling Dunnock in the snow
Spring Dunnock Dunnock fledgling Dunnock in the snow
dunnock in full song dunnock fledgling dunnock in full song bird
Dunnock with food Dunnock in autumn Juvenile Dunnock
Dunnock with food for young Autumn dunnock Juvenile Dunnock
young dunnock dunnock photo Dunnock