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Common Redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus)

Not so 'common' anymore at all, the redstart has sadly been declining in Europe.
The Common Redstart is now an Amber List species and was Germany's Bird of the Year 2011.
I am very lucky as I'm able to watch a several pairs raising their young in East Sussex every year.

male redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus common redstart fledgling Female Redstart
Male Common Redstart Redstart Fledgling Female Redstart
Gartenrotschwanz Phoenicurus phoenicurus female common redstart common redstart photo
redstart fledgling Sussex redstart fledgling evening light male common redstart Sussex
juvenile redstart common redstart earthworm Female Redstart with insect food
female redstart Ashdown Forest female redstart feeding fledgling redstart fledgling begging for food
common redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus redstart fledgling Phoenicurus phoenicurus
juvenile redstart photo Female Redstart photo juvenile redstart
male common redstart Sussex bird female redstart Ashdown Forest bird male redstart with food for young
juvenile redstart phoenicurus phoenicurus female common redstart female common redstart
redstart fledgling waiting for food   Common Redstart